QuarkNet Teacher Resources

Internet Resources 

  • An interactive internet opportunity for students to learn particle physics (maintained by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): Particle Adventure 
  • This accelerator was used to find the top quark in 1993.  It remains a source of information including interactive particle physics activities: Fermi National Laboratory
  • Bring the excitement of the activities at CERN into your class.  Many links to get information, ask questions, and monitor the progress on site through cameras.  Make sure to visit “Microcosm” – an interactive site to learn more about particle physics: CERN CERN in 2 Minutes 

Curriculum Integration 

  • Visit the CERN site dedicated to high school teachers. Slides and video of on-site teacher training available as well as other information and links to teachers happy to answer your questions. CERN Teacher Site
  • This site provides interactive opportunities that are less “game-like” and include a more complete theoretical explanation for high school students. Hands-On CERN 
  • Teacher adapted and/or developed laboratories.
  • Teacher Materials used in high school classrooms: The Big Particle Picture (PDF)

Cosmic Ray Detector 

Cosmic Ray Labs 

  • Plateau The Detector Paddles: Lab One (PDF)
  • Detector Coincidence: Lab Two (PDF)
  • Variation of Setector Angle: Lab Three (PDF)
  • Muon Lifetime: Lab Four 


  • Using Hyperterminal (PDF)
    See Appendix G Only
  • Troubleshooting 

Presentations from QuarkNet 2012

2005 Quark Net Talks

Gino Bolla (PDF)
Daniela Bortoletto (PDF)
Ephraim Fischbach (PowerPoint)
Matt Lister (PowerPoint)

Related Resources


Other Resources

Particle Adventure Worksheets: sheet1 (PDF), sheet2 (PDF), sheet3 (PDF)

CMS Experiment Overview Purdue Physics Funfest 2007 - Kirk Arndt - (PowerPoint) (Zipped file

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